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If you have suffered an unfortunate experience such as water damage, fire, smoke damage or mold damage and now have invoices that need to be paid, Choice Restoration will submit directly to your insurance company our invoices pertaining to your claim along with all supporting documentation such as photos etc. leaving you with no out of pocket expense. Dealing with insurance companies can be very tiresome and frustrating, our highly trained staff at Choice Restoration is familiar with most insurance companies in Pennsylvania and have the knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance claim payments so you don’t have too.

Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Choice Restoration will address some common questions regarding property restoration and the insurance industry. Please note individual states set their own regulations for property and casualty insurance companies and coverage’s.

Q: Do I have to work with the restoration company my insurance agent recommended?

Insurance companies are permitted to recommend preferred restoration vendors, however they cannot require you to use a specific firm. You can choose to work with Choice Restoration or any licensed restoration contractors.

Q: My basement has water damage, am I covered?

Your policy will spell out the specifics of your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Most insurance policies require an extra rider to have coverage for water damage that is related to flooding.

Q: I don’t want to contact my insurance company and would prefer to pay out of pocket, is this ok?

We will work with you or your insurance company at your discretion. We offer a best price guarantee on all of our restoration projects for your peace of mind.




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